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Local Project

3rd Street Alliance (Project Complete)
41 North 3rd Street
Easton, PA 18042

The Third Street Alliance for Women and Children in Easton, PA is a non-profit organization that started as the Easton YWCA in 1909. Currently, it provides shelter for homeless women and children, affordable child care, stimulating compassionate adult care and wellness and recreational programs.

Mapping of the HVAC system at Third Street Alliance has been completed by EWB-LVP. The HVAC system information collected during several workdays has been entered into AutoCAD drawings.  Availability of the digital drawings will allow TSA to evaluate improvements that will ensure adequate heat and air flow through the large facility. Besides comfort for its occupants, this will also translate into cost reductions.

We have mapped the electrical wiring at the facility. Outdated drawings create problems such as overloading certain breakers and require extra time by contractors to figure out the system while doing a project. This effort is complete in terms of collecting the information and entering the data into AutoCAD.

In addition to the efforts already described an energy audit was conducted. The results of this audit provided information to reduce the costs of energy.

This project had volunteers from Lafayette University, Moravian Academy as well as EWB-LVP.

Thanks to all of our volunteers-we cannot “Build a Better World One Community at a Time” without you!