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International Project

Centennial Secondary School (CSS) in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone


Since 2009, the Lehigh Valley Professionals chapter has been partnering with the Centennial Secondary School (CSS) in the village of Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone. The Centennial School was founded in the 1950s as the first coed boarding school in Sierra Leone. Centennial School was well known throughout Sierra Leone for providing great educational opportunities for children in remote areas of Sierra Leone.  The civil war of the 1990’s and general economic strains throughout the country, resulted in the decline of the infrastructure of the school.  The 1200 Centennial students came to a school each day with failing buildings that lacked water, sanitation, and electricity.

childrenSince 2010 our chapter has completed seven trips to Sierra Leone.  During this time we have worked with the school community to re-establish full water and sanitation systems, electricity in classrooms and the refurbishment of a science building.  We have partnered with the school’s alumni association, Rotary International, Peace Corp volunteers, and others to make these improvements.  In addition to restoring infrastructure, we partner with the community to develop the organizational and financial systems to ensure the long term sustainability of the improvements.
Due to the Ebola crisis, we have not been able to visit Sierra Leone since early 2014.  However, our chapter will return to Sierra Leone in early 2016 to install a solar PV system for electricity in the school’s administration building. 

If you are interested in participating in this international project please contact Diana Dunn at

Thanks to all of our volunteers-we cannot “Build a Better World One Community at a Time” without you!