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The Lehigh Valley Professional Chapter of EWB Returns to Sierra Leone & The Dominican Republic.

Improv Night

EWB-LVP Annual Fundraiser a Resounding Success

The Lehigh Valley Professional Chapter of EWB-USA held its annual auction and dinner at DeSales University on October 18 with over 90 attendees. Our goal of raising $30,000.00 was successful thanks to our generous sponsors and those who participated in our traditional auction as well as our Fund a Cause.

Our ongoing partnership with Rotary has resulted in a $40,000.00 grant for our 2023-2024 efforts in Sierra Leone. 

We heard compelling stories about what it means to see the reaction of people who can now access clean water via the water systems installed in Machete and Cabeza del Toro and about the relationships built alongside the new infrastructure.

Thanks to all who support our efforts—it may be a cliche, but it's also true—we can't do it without your help.

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Back in the Dominican Republic After Three Years 

For the last 3 years, we've needed to work remotely on the water systems in the Dominican Republic. Finally, our team arrive to check out the progress in Machete and Cabeza de Toro in person.

The team visited the DR community of Machete to see the work that has been progressing while we haven't been able to travel. They met with community leaders who gave feedback on the new system - a few complaints, many compliments. 

The team then visited Cabeza de Toro, the site of the first water system we installed, with a Rotary Global grant, we installed a water system in this rural farming village three years ago. We went to check operations and meet with community representatives. After lunch we discussed water usage, funds, operation, and maintenance with the water board of the community. Sustainability is important— and not easy work.  

The chlorination system was installed on the visit and now Machete now has bacteria-free water flowing to their homes! A big "thank you" to our local NGO partners INDENOR who have done so much work on these projects while we were not able to travel.

Our partner INDENOR sponsored a ribbon cutting inauguration for the new water systems. About 65 people attended from the communities and all of the partners: Engineers without Borders, Rotary, INDENOR, INAPA, INDRHI and the Guayubin municipal government. It was truly a special celebration!

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Sierra Leone 2022 Update


Staff Housing

In February of 2020, there were two trips to SL to renovate a building for staff housing. The two teams did an amazing job and the SL surgical CHO and other staff members moved in immediately.

Central Stores

In November, a team will be finishing the new Central Stores building which will house medicines, medical supplies, and equipment. The foundation and walls were constructed over the last year and once the team completes construction they’ll move everything into the new building from the many storage areas around the hospital.

New Project: Sierra Leone Opportunities Industrialization Center (SLOIC)

During the November trip, the team will be conducting a thorough assessment of SLOIC in Mattru. SLOIC has operated vocational/technical schools in Sierra Leone for many years. In fact, an LVP team visited the school in 2011. Offering training for welding, cooking, sewing, carpentry, electricity, etc. they provide much-needed craftspeople for Mattru and beyond. Members of the welding class were able to work with the Staff housing team in 2020. The school needs power, water, sanitation, and additional buildings. Joan Schork is leading this effort.


Once the SLOIC project gets underway, the SL team is looking at another project in Mattru. Nyandegoh! is a school for students with special mental, physical, or emotional needs. There is a tremendous need for this type of facility in Sierra Leone and particularly in Mattru. They are renting a small classroom now but hope to eventually have a full campus for 50-100 students. They’ll need power, water, sanitation, and al the buildings. Lib Stanton is heading this effort.

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Water Flows in Machete, Dominican Republic

From the well, to the tank, through the pipeline, to the houses -- water is flowing! Check out our quick video of water taps at a few houses in Machete (Dominican Republic).

Progress—finally. It has been hard working remotely for the past two years, and we couldn't have gotten this far without our partner Indenor. There's more to do. Our team will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in early 2023 to finish the last parts of the distribution system. Stay tuned for the next updates.

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Local Residents Make a Difference in Sierra Leone

The Lehigh Valley Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders just returned from Sierra Leone, West Africa where they helped build vital infrastructure. Herb Klotz, Chris Blechschmidt and his daughter Emilia just returned from Sierra Leone with the Lehigh Valley Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders.

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Engineers Without Borders Heads to Sierra Leone to Educate, Improve Functions

In West Africa, some cultures have quite a low maintenance culture. This is certainly true in Mattru Jong, Sierra Leone. That's where the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Engineers Without Borders comes in. The chapter, founded in 2008, consists of 25 formal members and additional volunteers who travel to developing communities. There they aim to implement sustainable engineering solutions, which in turn improves the peoples' quality of life.

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Chapter Meetings

EWB-LVP monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month. If you cannot attend in person, there is a Google call link you can use to attend virtually.

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